Why Beyond the Boundary?

Stories of scientific and technological progress often exclude female contributions. We know that Sally Ride was the first female astronaut and Marie Curie was the first female Nobel winning scientist, but we'd be hard-pressed to find information on their technical discoveries. Instead, we are supposed to be enamored by the idea: Wow, a woman in science! To combat this sexist stereotype, Beyond the Boundary focuses on the groundbreaking (and glass ceiling shattering) scientific inquiry being conducted by world renowned women. 

Beyond the Boundary shares the stories of female scientific champions, whose discoveries and innovations are advancing our understanding of the universe and paving the way for technological and social progress. To combat the stereotype that a woman holding her own in a scientific field is a rare outlier, we feature interviews with female scientists and innovators, and follow them through their work environments to document their contributions to STEM, as well as follow these women as they battle to overcome prejudice and the competitive nature of the publish or perish and prize-winning scientific community. 

The Beyond the Boundary Trailer

Imagine for a moment that gravity isn’t holding you down. That suddenly you gained this newfound freedom to explore the world in a whole new way. Everyone in this room could rise out of their seats and would keep rising toward the heavens. And if you wanted, you could push off someone and do somersaults all the way around the world. How might the world look different if you could peak beyond the edges of human knowledge? What would suddenly seem most valuable to you? What would you want to explore, fix, create? Imagine everything you would discover from that kind of adventure. What would you do if you could float out into space and nothing was holding you back?

Who are these female pioneers?

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