Jenn's Bucket List:
1. Work with Andrew Niccol on a film. 

2. Organize and speak at a TEDx event.

3. Work with Richard Branson to plan a Virgin Records train festival (or space festival). 

4. Portray Sally Ride and Maggie Pollitt.  

5. Break down the Ivory Tower divide by establishing Legacy Event Planners chapters at cities and universities around the world. 

Values: #SocialJustice #EcoJustice #LifeLongLearning #FreedomOfExpression

Favorites: electronic + rock music, the color blue, avocado or mango, Imajica, Slumdog Millionaire, latin dance. 

Idols: Jon Stewart, Sir Ken Robinson, Jared Leto, Jes Averhart, Jamie Oliver, Sheryl Sandberg, Hayley Williams, (and the aforementioned Andrew Niccol, Richard Branson, Sally Ride, Maggie Pollitt, and Nancy Drew).