It all started when...

Jenn Halweil's fascination with technology and storytelling may be a genetic predisposition -- her grandfather was part of the team that built the first major computer (ENIAC) led by Grace Hopper. Her father was a social worker who loved bringing home stories of his travels. In college, Jenn combined these interests, studying media communication and electrical engineering. 

Jenn co-founded her first company in college. Legacy Event Planners was awarded the City of Raleigh's Community Service Award in 2010, for her work organizing a 20,000-person eco-arts festival that showcased diversity. Five years ago, she launched her consultancy, focused on helping socially and environmentally responsible businesses craft their storytelling message through commercials, testimonials, and social media content. She has worked with over two-dozen clients including ZipCar, mtvU, TanZ Group, and Lenovo. Jenn has also worked for the Department of Energy in their alternative fuel FredomCar Division, as well as Progress Energy in their Distribution and Renewable Divisions. 

Jenn has produced several short films and documentary projects, one of which won Best Editing as part of Campus MovieFest at Warner Brother's studios in LA, and another that recently screened at Cannes in 2016. Most recently, she was accepted into Youtube's Content Creator Bootcamp in NYC. She is thrilled to presently be focusing on a documentary highlighting groundbreaking and glass-ceiling-shattering science being conducted by women around the world.